Explaining fluorescence microscopy to undergraduate students (made by Yongjae Lee)
FIONA: Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy
Mechanism of organelle transport by molecular motors
Super resolution microscopy
Neuronal dynamics

Welcome to Selvin Lab

We study the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules using single molecule fluorescence. Specific biological systems of interest include molecular motors (conventional and unconventional myosins, kinesins, dyneins), receptors involved in neuronal transmissions (voltage-controlled potassium ion channels; ligand-gated ion channels; mechanosensitive-channels). Our focus is on both technology development and biological applications. Technique development includes development of single molecule fluorescence, particularly Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy (FIONA), Super Resolution Microscopy and related techniques.  Specific biological systems that we study are neuronal synaptic transmission, specifically for understanding memory and dysfunctions such as Alzheimer’s disease. We also study in vivo cell imaging with external fluorescent dyes to understand hormone induced cancers and associated proteins such as P53, Estrogen receptor and Androgen receptors.