Pin Ren

Title Scientist
Department Berkeley Lights


Transcription factors are proteins inside the cell regulating gene expression by binding to a specific DNA sequence. I’m interested in studying their distribution and transportation, as well as how they respond to the stimulus in living cells. We especially want to observe their activities in single molecular level by using our fluorescent microscopy and intracellular labeling technique.


B.S.           Physics, Jilin University, 2015

Ph.D.        Biophysics and Quantitative biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015-Present


  1. Sukenik, Shahar, Pin Ren, and Martin Gruebele. “Weak protein–protein interactions in live cells are quantified by cell-volume modulation.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017): 201700818.
  2. Teng, Kai Wen, Yuji Ishitsuka, Pin Ren, Yeoan Youn, Xiang Deng, Pinghua Ge, Sang Hak Lee, Andrew S. Belmont, and Paul R. Selvin. “Labeling proteins inside living cells using external fluorophores for microscopy.” Elife 5 (2016): e20378.